BattleMasters4 Codex.

Everything that is known is kept in a running Diary. Each Hero has their own Diary which contains all of their knowledge. They may not act on anything that is not in their book!

Settlements are the basis of running a country in BattleMasters4. They are a collection point for resources and the source of troops and Heroes. Their major characteristics are determined by the terrain around where they are situated and the Buildings and Structures that have been constructed.


Civilization View.

Morale is the barometer of happiness within a Settlement. Many factors influence Morale and the wise Ruler pays very close attention to all of these.

Buildings and Structures.
The Cost of All Things.

Without troops of units, there would be no BattleMasters. These are the rank and file, though, with enough experience, they can become deadly to even the greatest of Heroes. Units are hired from Settlements at a rate specified by the Military Involvement.

Random Events.
Even the wisest of sages cannot truly predict the future. Things happen that are beyond our control, but sometimes these occurances cannot be ignored.

War and Combat.
War is a fact of life on Dryas. War was a fact of life on Dryas even before the Humans arrived and began their conquest. With the collapse of the Ostium and the subsequent rise of the Beastmen, the bloodshed is more fierce than ever before.

Magic is a dangerous and chaotic force that is poorly understood, even by the wisest of wizards. It takes time to gather enough magical energy to cast a spell. Every round of casting, a wizard must roll and add his modifier. This is the amount of magical energy gathered, when the amount of energy gather equals the spell’s Casting Threshold, it goes off. A roll of “1” requires the wizard to roll on the Chaotic Casting chart.